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My name is Paul and I am the founder of KitchenwarePlus and a qualified chef with a passion for quality kitchen equipment. My Razor Red knife sharpener was a result of me going home to my mother’s house and on every visit, I had to spend over an hour having to sharpen her blunt knives! She always wanted me to show her what I had learned as a chef, which I love doing. After all, my family supported me while I did the courses! The struggle with a blunt knife, was like pulling my hair out! Now its quick and easy to fix a blunt knife and I don't have to do it!

We only stock a few products, because we are so focused on high quality that many products just don't make the grade!

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Kind regards
Paul Easton
Founder and Operator

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Cookbook Holder & Neoprene Sleeve

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IPad Stand with Bonus iPad Sleeve

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Razor Red Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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